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Closed cooperation of Enterprises is essential to deploy Viet Nam Automated Cargo Clearance System VNACCS

( - Currently, the General Department of Viet Nam Customs is setting up Viet Nam Automated Cargo Clearance System (VNACCS) based on the technology of NACCS designed by Japan Customs. According to the plan, the system is expected to be put into operation from the second quarter of 2014. Since the system is applied to imported and exported goods clearance procedures, import and export enterprises need to be well prepared in order to perform the procedures using VNACCS. Following are some points that enterprises should take into account: 
Customs declaration procedures using the system
VNACCS is designed based on a centralized processing model integrating multiple features and facilities which helps declaration procedure to be fast and convenient. The speed of customs clearance will be very fast, around 15 seconds maximum for goods in green lane - thanks to the automated steps of declarating, receiving information, tax calculation, examination and channel of goods. Understanding and mastering the features, facilities and procedures to declare using the system, will facilitate enterprises in doing clearance procedures of imported and exported goods.
The General Department of Viet Nam Customs plans to organize training courses on using the system for enterprises in 2013. Provincial customs departments are assigned to conduct these courses.  Therefore, businesses operating in the area can register to participate in training courses with announced schedule conducted by the customs department in the city/province.
Users registering
In order to use VNACCS system, import and export enterprise needs to register with customs authority to be granted with an user name. Currently, the General Department of Viet Nam Customs is working on the registration process and guidelines for user to register, as well as online registration tool on the customs portal. Upon completing these works, the General Customs Department will provide necessary guidance and start to receive application from users. This process is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2013 upon entering the system connection test phase.
Digital Signature
Similar to the current e-customs procedure, enterprises are required to use digital signatures to authenticate their customs declaration forms on VNACCS system. Therefore, enterprises should register to use digital signature in accordance with the current regulations to meet the clearance requirements on VNACCS system.
Connect to VNACCS system
The customs declaration for clearance of imported and exported goods can be done online by connecting with VNACCS system. There are two connecting options available to export and import enterprises to suit their information technology infrastructure capacity.
Large companies, with advanced information technologies, can customize their systems and connect to VNACCS using communication standards provided and guided by the customs authority. Other companies will be provided with end users software. Currently, the General Department of Customs is finalizing the design of the software to provide to businesses at the right time.

Inquiries solving
Transition to a new system is very unlikely to avoid obstacles while performing clearance procedure on the system. To support customs declarants, the General Department of Customs will establish a support unit for timely solving any problems arised. Currently, the Customs Department is working on the organizational structure of the support unit to meet the needs which may arise when the system is put into operation. Our goal is having a support unit ready once the system officially operates.
Enterprises’ active study of the system and close cooperation with the customs authorities will contribute to the successful implementation of VNACCS, at the same time help to facilitate enterprises in doing customs clearance procedure of imported and exported goods.

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